About Us

CAG is a nonprofit organization formed to help young student-athletes prepare for life beyond sports. Founded by former college and professional athletes committed to giving back and making a difference in the lives of young student-athletes.


Knowing the processes and struggles a student-athlete faces firsthand without a support system, Alex Moyer founded CAG to council and bolster athletes transitioning to the collegiate level as well as life after collegiate sports. Today, CAG has grown to become so much more. The dedicated team assists student-athletes pre-game, game-time, and post-game to ensure they have the support and mentorship to reach their goals. Ranging from middle school to life after college, CAG will be with you every step of the way!


CAG would like to acknowledge and recognize Kevin Brown, Todd Jenkins, Tracy Parsons, Rick Telander, Joey Resnick, Mike Adamle, Richard Buchanon, Dr. Jerry Argovitz, Pat McCoy, Rudy Germany, and Casey Cummings for their tireless effort to help establish the foundation and create the grass-roots support needed when CAG was originally formed. If it were not for the dedication and commitment of these individuals, CAG would not be in the position it is in today to inspire, enrich and impact the lives of middle school, high school and collegiate student athletes nationwide.

Current Advisors

Alex Moyer, Northwestern

Carmen Ramos, Columbia

Casey O’Neal, Notre Dame 

Casey Cummings, Northwestern 

Lorenzo Chambers, Dartmouth

Rosa Serratore, U of Toronto 

Rudy Germany, Northwestern 

Sukeshi O’Neal, Notre Dame 

Vaughn Bryant, Stanford