We offer the following blueprint of broad principles to serve as a framework towards the creation of a national standard and benchmark for athletes participating in revenue producing sports at Northwestern University. It should evolve and expand with changes to the current landscape.

  1. Expand player sports related medical benefits;
  2. Give players the option to return to school anytime to complete their degree without cost;
  3. Expand and guarantee athletic scholarships beyond four years, and provide a free graduate school option;
  4. Provide transportation allowance to and from home during the beginning and end of each academic year and during sanctioned University holidays;
  5. Provide transportation allowance for parents to attend two home games;
  6. Create deferred trust accounts for endorsement and marketing deals that can be used after graduation;
  7. Increase the living stipend to include personal and misc. expenses;
  8. Endow fund to subsidize employment for Summer Career Pathways Internship Program;
  9. Ensure that players’ needs are defined and met by thoroughly surveying players and providing them with resources and information that they can use to voice what is in their best interests.
  10. Create a committee that includes “Game Changers” representatives, current players, athletic administrators, and possibly board members to proactively find ways to provide the best possible protections for players.