Participants of CAG’s Creating Futures program are a cohort of student-athletes who are enrolled and benefit from CAG programming throughout the year.

CAG identifies student-athletes in underserved areas and provides financial assistance for them to attend a boarding/private school. CAG provides ongoing support systems and mentorship throughout the school year.

We are very excited to offer our Pre-Game, Game-Time, and Post-Game programs because many of our members are former collegiate athletes and know exactly what the road to success entails when preparing for college as a student athlete, as well as graduating from college as a collegiate athlete.

Pre-Game Prep

Middle and Jr. High School Programs

We believe by implementing the Pre-Game programs, middle and Jr. high school student athletes will have a much better opportunity to achieve a greater degree of academic success and have the social integration process be far less overwhelming once they walk onto a college campus. 

Pre-Game Goals:

  • Develop presence with existing community entities to build upon athletic and scholastic preparation programs pertinent to young athletes.
  • Engage directly in the community through local collegiate student-athletes, graduate students, and/or experts in social work and related fields host life skills workshops for students and parents.

Game Time

High School Programs

CAG also believes the most productive collegiate athletes are excellent managers of their time, are balanced and have a healthy point of view. Our program includes several modules to enrich the understanding of balancing academics and athletics, highlight the key components of leadership and address many of today’s social transitioning pressures.

Game Time Goals:

  • Collaborate with school administrators and strategic partners to promote CAG’s academic enrichment.

  • Facilitate a series of camps across various sports for students focusing on academic, leadership, teamwork, ethics, and social impact in sports staffed with current and former collegiate and professional athletes.


Collegiate Athlete – Transition Program

CAG is committed to addressing some of the transition challenges today’s collegiate athletes face once they graduate from college and their participation in athletics has ended. Our Post-Game platform consists of Professional Development Workshops, Networking Events and Career Consultation to support a successful transition into life after athletics.

Post-Game Goals:

  • Develop and create networks and partnerships with professionals, alumni, and boosters in the collegiate sports community.
  • Expand and nurture existing relationships with collegiate athletes through CAG’s Game-Time program.
  • Help guide graduates in their preparation and search for careers after athletics by way of professional development workshops, networking events and career consultations.