Initiatives Programs 

CAG Pre-Game: “Early to Rise”

(Middle School & High School Athlete – Pre-College Prep Program)

CAG is committed to addressing some of the systemic challenges that confront today’s aspiring NCAA Scholar athletes. We believe by implementing the Pre-Game and Game-Time programs, middle and high school student athletes will have a much better opportunity to achieve a greater degree of academic success and have the social integration process be far less overwhelming when walking onto a college campus. CAG also believes the most productive collegiate athletes are excellent managers of their time, are balanced and have a healthy point of view. Included in our platform are several modules which enrich the understanding of balancing academics and athletics, highlight the key components of leadership and address many of today’s social transitioning pressures. These issues are inherent for incoming freshman collegiate athletes, who have a tendency to get distracted when first arriving onto a college campus. CAG is confident that our participation in the development of these middle and high school student athletes, will aid in their overall growth as productive and responsible human beings. Many of the CAG members have gone through this experience and all have a tremendous amount of respect for the multiple challenges that await future collegiate athletes, who will be entering into a faster-paced, more competitive and rigorously demanding environment. We have also included an enrichment workshop for the parents of our middle and high school student athletes. Increasing the parents understanding of the student athlete’s academic, eligibility, and social responsibilities on campus is also a major focus for CAG.